Uh-oh! You got the call, didn’t you?


Well, hi there!  Do you like a tail with a happy ending? Great, mine is always happily wagging, so we’re going to get along just fine!

Having a human is a BIG responsibility, and I want to do my new job well. I want to tell you a little tail to kick my blog off.  Its a ruff topic, I know, the loss of a long-term job and the search for a new one isn’t easy for anyone.

My human was told to stay home and wait for a phone call to see whether or not there would be a job to go to after 17 years with the same employer. Oh, there were tears! My human looked at me on my doggie bed and told me the job was gone! I didn’t know what or where it was, but I have come to learn that they are very important to self-esteem and are financially beneficial. (Plus, it got my human out of the house all day so I could play and “shop” in the closet for shoes as they call it.)

Maybe you are in the same boat, or maybe a different type of boat, but you are now jobless. I’m sorry to put that in writing if you haven’t seen it yet, so read it quickly. It’s ruff, I know. You were with the company for a while, maybe years, and don’t know where to begin. You are NOT alone! You believe you are, but you are not. Get over it! Quickly! That attitude is going to eat you up inside.

Following are the tips and learnings that I overheard my human repeatedly being told by others at the other end of the speakerphone. Once they started believing in and doing these things, they were able to move forward…well, at least to the sofa at first, but baby steps are ok too. You should consider doing these TODAY, if you’re not already:

  • Breathe, and ok, grieve…maybe just a little bit – have your dog take you for a walk, meet the neighbors, go to the gym, discover the air around your home. These are all important things to do in order to keep you healthy, happy, and dare I say begin to network?
  • Take a “breather” for a week or two (I’m quite sure you’ve earned a vacation and didn’t take it so you could w_ _k). Meet that neighbor you met for the first time yesterday, for coffee somewhere. Actually cash in some of the miles you were savings for that good old “rainy day”. It’s here, isn’t it? Take your kids out of school and play hooky with them for the day at the zoo. HAVE SOME FUN!! Inevitably you’ll meet new people while out and about (this is called networking…and you don’t even have to try hard).
  • Develop a routine and prepare for your day — only go to your “new office” (den, dining room table, coffee shop). Having a plan keeps you organized and in control of your day. After all, it is now YOUR day isn’t it? You’re not giving to someone else right now anyway, right? Having a plan and an office also keeps you in a sort of work “frame of mind”. After all, I’ve come to learn that finding a job IS a full time job.
  • Challenge yourself to find a place you can volunteer (everyone wins here, and your new job could be found here too. Pssst . . .it looks great on the RESUME!). What have you always loved to do but didn’t have the time for? Maybe you’ve always loved art. Why not volunteer at the local art museum? So you were a sales rep, delivery driver, or company president. You worked with humans all day and provided customer experiences (used to be called customer service) for your internal and external customers, right? These days it’s all about using the right “keywords” which we will talk about in an upcoming blog.

What things have you tried so far, and how are they working for you? Be honest!!



OK…OK…, If you don’t want to take my advice to relax before you begin your search, here’s an interesting article to read about the state of hiring in 2014 with a great infographic from David Smooke at Careerealism.   TIP: You’re going to want to bookmark their website for future use.


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