Good to see you again! I hope you had time to fetch a cup o’joe before we get started. Remember to put it back far enough on the table just in case your canine friend loves coffee as much as I do.

So, you got the call, and you’ve been planning your plan, and now it’s time to get started for real. This is by no means going to be a party (but, I thought the hat was cute), but you do need to have fun.

  • LinkedIn – Last time I left you with the thought of LinkedIn. Did you check it out? If so, go grab a cookie and give yourself a high paw! If not, check out this LINK for a slew of LinkedIn Learning Webinars on everything from how to get started, to using it to start a company page. Most folks assume that LinkedIn is just used to find a job. It’s much more than that. While it may in fact be the world’s largest on-line networking site (and it’s FREE), there are also thought leaders in many industries, which publish short blogs daily on trending topics.
  • You need to be active on LinkedIn to build your social network. Remember, it’s who you know these days that gets you a job, NOT a job board! You can join groups of interest; either in your current career, hobby, or the career you might be interested in pursuing. You can also follow companies and get a leg up on the competition. It’s almost as if they are throwing you a bone to check them out before you do anything else. I could go on all day about LinkedIn, but Human should be home soon, and I don’t want her to catch me on the computer again.
  • Optimizing LinkedIn – You know that list of keywords I had you make last time, well; this is where you’ll begin to use them. Donna Serdula is a LinkedIn makeover expert. You need to capture the best of your keywords and put them in strategic places in your profile, and learn to brand yourself (I guarantee it doesn’t hurt). HERE Donna gives you free resources on how to make an attention grabbing LinkedIn Headline, graphic images to personalize your profile, and provides examples of woof-tastic profiles.
  • Do’s and Don’ts of Networking – check out this ARTICLE by Liz Ryan, CEO, Humanworkplace on what networking IS NOT, so you don’t make any faux paws. While you’re there check out this ARTICLE too on social networking for job seeking boomers. I still haven’t figured out what that is, but I know there are a lot of them.
  • Fun Networking – I know, two words that you would never expect to see in the same sentence, right? I mentioned J.T. O’Donnell, the CEO of CAREEREALISM and CareerHMO last time in my post. Check out this Slideshare presentation that J.T. has created to launch a new concept of on-line networking which she calls MINGLE. I liken it to speed dating, but you’re virtually networking, at home, in your PJ’s. Now, how can you not like this method of networking? There are netiquette/rules to follow for Mingle so you need to go to her website HERE to get all of the particulars, download the e-book on Mingle, and sign up. It’s free too!

Well, that’s it for today. I ‘ve given you a lot to chew on.

KISSES! Camille

P.S. Next time we’ll discuss getting that old resume up to snuff.


Disclaimer: Neither Human or myself are getting compensated in any way for mentioning the above web sites. These sites are the ones that Human found most reputable and resourceful for job searching and wants to share them with you.



Networking – Beginning To Get Your Paws Wet


Time to Plan the Plan

Whew, just had a play session with my Human and that big toy in the kitchen that flings ice cubes! Love those things!!


I hope you took my advice and were able to breathe a little bit, grieve about the loss of your job, have fun, and challenge yourself since the last time you were here. If you did, hold up your hand and give me a big high paw. You also need to take care of yourself. Go to the gym, or participate in whichever sport you like, but just stay active and have a normal “work” schedule. There is nothing worse than going to a job interview and not putting your best self forward for the employer to notice.

Okay, time for me to hunker down on the doggie bed for some quick thoughts (in no order) about job search planning strategy; and you…time to SIT. STAY. GOOD SIT.

As I had mentioned previously, my blog is about things that my Human didn’t learn until well into their search. I don’t want anyone to have to go through what I witnessed my Human experiencing. You see, the faux paw that Human continually engaged in was overt positivity, which was mentally and physically exhausting for Human, and dare I say hackle rising for me some days.   Hence, my learnings are coming straight from the doggie bed. Trust, me, you will be glad I told you about these now, rather than find them out for yourself later.

  • WORK A PLAN. Yes, finding a job is a full-time job! I’m not kidding. In fact, I overhead someone telling Human on the speakerphone that Human needed to spend at least 20 hours a week on job searching. Oh my Doggess! Human went “Beggin’ Strips crazy”! Here is a brief article from Careerealism on why you need a strategic job search plan. I want you to bookmark their website as I will refer to it often, and so should you.
  • UNDERSTAND THE HIDDEN JOB MARKET. Apparently there is this thing called the hidden job market. You see, given the state of the ruff economy, these days it is said that at least 80% of all jobs are fetched via networking. The jobs that you see “published/posted” on job boards represent about 1% of the available jobs. The other 99% are the hidden ones that you don’t know about. These hidden jobs are the ones filled by internal employees, or network acquaintances of the employees at that company. I wish I could help you sniff them out, but I think you’re on your own with this one. When they aren’t filled, that’s when they get published/posted publicly. I believe in human words this should be a “light-bulb moment” for you. You need to read this article by Forbes. It provides a lot of great information on how to work the hidden job market.
  • JOB CHURN happens when people once again believe that the economy is picking up and they can afford to safely look for new jobs, get one and leave (job churn). Check out this article by Forbes. In most recent years, churn has not occurred because people knew jobs were tuff to fetch and didn’t want to chance being without one, so they did a sit – stay.
  • DO NOT ANSWER ANY UNKNOWN NUMBERS ON YOUR PHONE. Let the caller leave a message and then call them back when you have a free moment. The last thing you want to do is to have a call with a recruiter about a job at a company that you aren’t prepared to talk about, or that you haven’t researched thoroughly. If you simply must answer your phone, do so, BUT tell the caller that this is not a good time and schedule a better time that is. Check out this advice from US News on answering your phone.
  • DO NOT GIVE YOUR SALARY INFORMATION TO ANYONE UNTIL YOU ARE IN NEGOTIATIONS. NO. NO. NO. Apparently, job seekers have become enablers to recruiters with regard to this question. What I mean by this is that job seekers want jobs so badly these days that they answer any question a recruiter asks them.   We were shocked when Human was asked their most recent salary during a phone screen. I remember it being the third question. Human told them. Remember, Human didn’t know not to at the time. The next thing I recall was Human hanging up the phone is disbelief. Here is a link to an excellent script, by Liz Ryan, CEO & Founder of Human Workplace, to use in this scenario. You will want to bookmark this site too.
  • START TO MAKE A LIST OF KEYWORDS that describe your skillset. Call some co-workers, NOT friends or family members. Ask them this, “If you had to describe me in three words to an employer that called you for a reference for me, what three words would you give them and why?” Put this list to the side and add to it as you think of others you can add. You will learn to hate this word… keywords. In the link provided there is great information from Job Hunt relative to how important they really are.

Oh my, I didn’t mean for you to sit this long, so go have a cookie and come back next time.



P.S. Next time we are going to take a look at LinkedIn, so if you have some time, you should check it out and submit questions now, so I can include them in my post.







Uh-oh! You got the call, didn’t you?


Well, hi there!  Do you like a tail with a happy ending? Great, mine is always happily wagging, so we’re going to get along just fine!

Having a human is a BIG responsibility, and I want to do my new job well. I want to tell you a little tail to kick my blog off.  Its a ruff topic, I know, the loss of a long-term job and the search for a new one isn’t easy for anyone.

My human was told to stay home and wait for a phone call to see whether or not there would be a job to go to after 17 years with the same employer. Oh, there were tears! My human looked at me on my doggie bed and told me the job was gone! I didn’t know what or where it was, but I have come to learn that they are very important to self-esteem and are financially beneficial. (Plus, it got my human out of the house all day so I could play and “shop” in the closet for shoes as they call it.)

Maybe you are in the same boat, or maybe a different type of boat, but you are now jobless. I’m sorry to put that in writing if you haven’t seen it yet, so read it quickly. It’s ruff, I know. You were with the company for a while, maybe years, and don’t know where to begin. You are NOT alone! You believe you are, but you are not. Get over it! Quickly! That attitude is going to eat you up inside.

Following are the tips and learnings that I overheard my human repeatedly being told by others at the other end of the speakerphone. Once they started believing in and doing these things, they were able to move forward…well, at least to the sofa at first, but baby steps are ok too. You should consider doing these TODAY, if you’re not already:

  • Breathe, and ok, grieve…maybe just a little bit – have your dog take you for a walk, meet the neighbors, go to the gym, discover the air around your home. These are all important things to do in order to keep you healthy, happy, and dare I say begin to network?
  • Take a “breather” for a week or two (I’m quite sure you’ve earned a vacation and didn’t take it so you could w_ _k). Meet that neighbor you met for the first time yesterday, for coffee somewhere. Actually cash in some of the miles you were savings for that good old “rainy day”. It’s here, isn’t it? Take your kids out of school and play hooky with them for the day at the zoo. HAVE SOME FUN!! Inevitably you’ll meet new people while out and about (this is called networking…and you don’t even have to try hard).
  • Develop a routine and prepare for your day — only go to your “new office” (den, dining room table, coffee shop). Having a plan keeps you organized and in control of your day. After all, it is now YOUR day isn’t it? You’re not giving to someone else right now anyway, right? Having a plan and an office also keeps you in a sort of work “frame of mind”. After all, I’ve come to learn that finding a job IS a full time job.
  • Challenge yourself to find a place you can volunteer (everyone wins here, and your new job could be found here too. Pssst . . .it looks great on the RESUME!). What have you always loved to do but didn’t have the time for? Maybe you’ve always loved art. Why not volunteer at the local art museum? So you were a sales rep, delivery driver, or company president. You worked with humans all day and provided customer experiences (used to be called customer service) for your internal and external customers, right? These days it’s all about using the right “keywords” which we will talk about in an upcoming blog.

What things have you tried so far, and how are they working for you? Be honest!!



OK…OK…, If you don’t want to take my advice to relax before you begin your search, here’s an interesting article to read about the state of hiring in 2014 with a great infographic from David Smooke at Careerealism.   TIP: You’re going to want to bookmark their website for future use.